Government contracting, legislative advocacy Emergency preparedness & Educational Consulting Services

Count on TCG for government contracting, legislative advocacy, emergency preparedness and educational consulting services you can trust. Backed by decades of experience and ongoing education, our team members have the skills and knowledge to help your organization reach its goals.


Direct Educational Services

  • Tutorial
  • Study Skills
  • Executive Functioning
  • Parental Advocacy

Indirect Educational Services

  • Technical Assistance for Educators
  • Developing Test Models & Practices Aimed at Improving Students' Comprehension of Content

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Consulting

In addition to our general educational consulting services, we provide specialized guidance to the faculty and administration of HBCUs. With this service, we offer strategic advice to institutions that seek to expand their academic offerings or to fund capital development projects. This includes grant acquisition guidance and targeting clients with available funding.


Over our 20 plus years of working with Legislative, Executive, and Administrative branches of Local, State, and Federal governments, we have developed a reputation for integrity and expertise in the area of representation for government contracting entities. We provide guidance and information about contracting opportunities and the decision making process.

Government Relations & Municipal Affairs

Because of our experience and contacts with legislatures in the Washington, DC, area, our advocacy services are effective at every level — local, state, and federal. When appropriate, TCG Principals and Associates utilize their contacts within the Executive Branches of the government to enhance this efficacy.

Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery

In partnership with James Lee Witt & Associates (JLWA), we are engaged in proactive education and training efforts for government leaders, civic leaders, nonprofit organizations, and first responders. In order to provide nationally recognized training and outreach services, our team includes nationally certified emergency response experts, nationally certified organizational and citizen trainers, IT and data management professionals, and institutional financial management advisors.

Community Outreach & Training

As specialists in community outreach, we help develop techniques and implement comprehensive outreach strategies to ensure in-depth penetration of target populations, as well as the collection and storage of valuable demographic, data regarding such groups. Our ongoing, visible presence in multiple jurisdictions ensures that our knowledge remains accurate, current, and relevant.

Additionally, we utilize seasoned experts in training curricula development for use with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. We design curricula and other materials after completing thorough research and evaluation measures guaranteed to help us understand the corporate culture and subject matter at hand. Rest assured that you're in good hands, as our team members are locally certified for each level of training provided by TCG.

Business/Economic Development Services

TCG provides strategic advice and action plans for private and government clients whose market areas include real estate and community development, economic policy development, urban planning, and municipal affairs.

Event Planning Services

TCG plans, coordinates, and facilitates a variety of events including, but not limited to, corporate/board retreats, special events, meetings, and community activities

Executive & Personal Coaching Services

Through one-on-one coaching/consultation, TCG provides executive and personal coaching services in the areas of executive management, personal development, strategic life planning, and career planning/management

Legal Services

With over 20 years of experience in the practice of law, Dana B. Stebbins offers legal advice to clients in the District of Columbia engaged in land and real estate development, corporate expansion and procurement activities through the auspices of "The Law Offices of Dana B. Stebbins".

Non Profit Management Services

With over fifteen years in non-profit management, Debra B. Gittens provides management consulting and strategic leadership to national and local non-profit organizations. She specializes in board development, volunteer management, strategic leadership, organizational change, and human resources management. In this capacity she often serves as Executive Coach and Strategist at the senior leadership and executive levels. She is sought frequently to plan and facilitate board and staff retreats.

Organizational Development Services

TCG offers management consulting to private and public companies in all areas of organizational development, including strategic leadership/planning, change management, continuous learning and improvement, organizational assessment, and organizational redesign.

Strategic Planning Services

In today's complex business world, strategic planning is essential to achieving business results, superior management, and as a method of gaining competitive advantage. TCG provides consultation and facilitation in determining the organization's future direction, assessing its strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats, and planning future business strategies, goals, and tactics.

Training Design Delivery Services

TCG provides curriculum development, training design, and training facilitation services specifically tailored to meet the unique professional development, organizational learning, and continuous improvement needs of its clients.